100PCS Black Disposable Gloves

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  • High-quality materials---Made of high-quality nitrile material, ensuring non-toxic, elastic and puncture-proof. Fully protected gloves also have good sticker properties, providing an enhanced grip even in wet conditions
  • Compared with latex gloves more advantages--Good sensitivity, Good anti-allergy, Good oil resistance, Good wear resistance, Not easy to break, Antistatic
  • Non-toxic gloves are ideal for any occasion, housework, lab and even some electronic work
  • Nitrile disposable gloves have better abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic properties, and won't cause allergies to the skin, suitable for people with allergies and long time wear.
  • Our disposable gloves are available in medium, large and oversized sizes. These gloves are come in a box of 100